Scent of Success: Olfactive Cues and Perfume as Social Signals

Researchers have found that every person has a unique smell, similar to a fingerprint or “voice print.” These smell prints are called olfactory signatures, and are influenced by genetic factors, body odors and secretions. Just like through a fingerprint, a person can be identified by their olfactory signature. Multiple studies have shown that babies and small children can identify the smell of their mothers – and vice versa. In fact, some researchers suggest that olfactory communication is developed well before

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The Remarkable Value of Nuances: 11 Charismatic Communicators in Tech

By Brooke Gronich, Noah Jacobs, Jordana Schube Studies show that the tech industry is projected to reach a staggering $5 trillion by the end of 2021, indicating an impressive 4.2% growth trend. For the eager tech entrepreneurs entering the field, it is essential that they stand out. To accomplish this, they must have a strong sense of how to inform, influence, and persuade both consumers and investors alike.  In order to become a truly powerful communicator, it is very important

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