The charm of voice

Let’s talk about vocal appeal. We all feel our voice is a medium with which we play our way in different interactions. The parameters composing our voices can predict the judgments of others toward us. These traits are related to acoustic features such as the intensity, pitch, frequency, harmony, and range of our voice.

People tend to ascribe voice quality to a person’s characteristics and social value. Voices with closely ranged harmony and high intensity are judged to be more attractive and benign. A breathy less pressed low voice expresses warm, relaxed, and constant essence. Low fundamental frequency implies dominance, intelligence, competence, and trustworthiness. 

These abovementioned properties can be manipulated to serve the mission at stake. People are likely to alter their voices intentionally when trying to achieve power and climb their way through the social hierarchy in a given state of affairs. For instance, people may adopt the opposing vocal attributes of their addressee when handling authoritative interaction, so one lowes the intensity and pace of his speech when confronting a loud and enthused interlocutor. One lowers his pitch contour and variability when delivering expert content to his addressee. Males and females will harden or soften their voice quality respectively, to emphasize their attractiveness.

Boiling it down, people modulate the nonverbal parameters of their voices to elicit appropriate social appraisals. That way they may gain social property with their business associates, and be more influential persuasive deal makers.

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