Cueing letters: On textual paralanguage

Surely we are all well familiar with nonphysical channels of communication, mainly the textual mediums. It is a student corresponding with his advisor, colleagues emailing, online courses forums, the dating applications scene, texting with a friend and so on. These channels are written manifestations of nonverbal cues, and it is surprising how vast and rich these nonverbal and nonphysical cues are. It is well noticed that on a face to face encounters people are signaling their social competence with varied physical cues. Fidgeting and gesturing, their speech volume and

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The charm of voice

Let’s talk about vocal appeal. We all feel our voice is a medium with which we play our way in different interactions. The parameters composing our voices can predict the judgments of others toward us. These traits are related to acoustic features such as the intensity, pitch, frequency, harmony, and range of our voice. People tend to ascribe voice quality to a person’s characteristics and social value. Voices with closely ranged harmony and high intensity are judged to be more attractive and benign. A

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